5th hike along themed path On their land

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festival of hiking 2017
European days of cultural heritage

Themed path On their land (slo. Na svoji zemlji) connects heritage of the movie with area of Baška grapa, where the larger part of the movie was filmed. It preserves the memory of creators and locals on the time of filming the movie. Themed boards are located on the points, where the most important scenes of the movie were filmed. The path is complementary with folded pamphlet, web page www.tpnasvojizemlji.si and two media points in Grahovo ob Bači.

Themed path On their land is intended for locals and visitors of Baška grapa, movie and book lovers, students, families and pensioners and all, who sympathize with the struggle of oppressed for liberation. The path is freely accessible. Physically disabled persons can access to the most of themed boards and media points Pri Brišarju. Children and youth is being addressed by the story of Orlič and commonly explaines about movie elements.

We invite you to 5th hike along themed path On their land, which will be on Saturday 30th September 2017 in Grahovo ob Bači at Community centre, starting at 10 a.m. We wish all the participants a nice and happy day.

For more info about the hike write or call:
drustvobaskadediscina@gmail.com, +386 41 601 248

1. Capitulation! Down with fascists!
2. Do you know her, a little bird, a?
3. Light it, light it!
4. Stane, look at her, our ravine!
5. O, my Jesus!
6. I will take off my shoes, because I am going on our land for the last time.
7. On their land I will be my own master.


Movie On their land (slo. Na svoji zemlji)  is the first Slovenian sound full-length feature film, which was for the first time played on November 21st 1948 in Ljubljana. Read more about the movie: HERE.